No impact final day

With the week coming to a close. Ill take this time to reflect on my experience. I thought I did a good job with my goals for each category. being a college student it is hard to manage food. This is because we are reliant for the dining hall for food. But once you eventually get sick of it its not like you have an a ton of option to get none processed food. We can really eat locally and organic because we can’t store all of that food and have nothing to cook it on. Think that should be something the school looks into. Overall though great no impact week.




  1. Impressive effort from you this week Ben. Keeping your rambunctious in line during no impact week must have been hard but I’m glad you tried to make them aware of what you were trying to accomplish. Hopefully you can keep taking those fast showers and continue to making small impacts.

  2. Food is definitely a tough thing to reduce our impact on being a college student with very limited options. Great job through this no impact week and I hope that you will be able to take some of the things you have done well beyond the end of No Impact Week!

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