The last day

So today probably wasn’t my best day. I had pizza for dinner…but it was free. Who can turn down free pizza? I did have lunch at Curtis though. I also turned my fan on for about a half four because it was suffocating in my room. Throughout the week, I found it hardest to follow the rules of no impact week when I was rushing for softball. I would choose the more convenient thing like grabbing a granola bar. However, it made me think that we make time for what we want. So if I really wanted to, I could have prepared a snack to go that didn’t produce trash. Overall, no impact week was a little harder than what I thought it would be. It has made me more conscientious and I plan on continuing with the idea of having no impact.


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  1. I totally agree about convenience. I think that was the most difficult part. We’re used to have ready-to-go food and we rarely think about the environmental cost of it. And such a good point about making time for what we want. Congrats on the week!

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