We Made It

It is over, No Impact Week has finally come to an end. I truly gave it my all this week, and i feel really good about myself and the class as well. With NIW coming to a conclusion it does not mean i will go back to my old habits of being a lazy wasteful human being. I would like keep doing certain things such as keeping my own water bottle or keeping the lights off as much as possible. These things are not hard to do, and there really is no excuse to not try and help. With more people being conscious of there decisions, it can only spread to the greater population. It does not seem right to have just one week out of the year, it should really be every day. NIW has taught me a lot, and so has Colin from the book. I would like to keep what i have learned and apply it to my every day life, to better our planet and ecosystem and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.



  1. I agree with the no easy thing and I hope the week opened your eyes to impact that you once had. I also hope that you continue to grow and make an impact on a small scale.

  2. I like your point about there being no excuse not to do the easy things. This week has taught me that there is a lot of importance to small actions, small builds to big.

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