Reflecting on the week

Looking back at this past week, I feel as if it was partially successful but more importantly, it was eye opening. Before this week, many of us did not take the time or even think about what we were consuming. We would buy bottled beverages, packaged snacks, and many other wasteful items. During no impact week I became much more aware of what was going on. I noticed my own tendencies as well as others. When one of my friends would throw away an item in the wrong bin, I would tell them why they couldn’t do that and try to get them to put their trash in the right spot the next time. I think that for college kids electricity usage is something we can control most days. Sometimes we have to be on the computer for long periods of time but lighting is an easy fix. Water usage is another thing that shouldn’t be an issue for us. Showering doesn’t have to take 40 minutes. We have to take responsibility for our actions because even though it might not seem like a pressing issue, water is limited and we have to respect future generations. I’m pretty pleased with the overall attitude our class had during the week. Despite some bad habits some of us have, people were willing to put in the effort to make a smaller impact. In the future if we could get more students and faculty involved I feel like it would be pretty popular. I had a good time and didn’t really feel like it was a hassle.

Go Vens,



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