A disorganized beginning

I’m feeling totally unprepared on Day 1. I usually spend the Sunday before No Impact Week making sure everything is prepared for me for the week- to avoid any blunders. No need for laundry, towels are available, the house is fairly clean, etc. But not this time. We had plans for the holiday and I spent all of Saturday getting a new phone (more on this later). So, I woke up this morning feeling like it might be a disaster. But then I thought, maybe all that preparation was a bit like cheating- maybe this is the real way to go into No Impact, with no prep.

Unfortunately, that meant I also had no clue what to eat this morning and no time to make anything from my local bounty. I at least hoped to avoid trash, so I grabbed an orange and had water with lemon. No trash, but good stuff for the compost. 

Due to this lovely weather, I haven’t had to use the lights and have been fine without heat at the house. Though I did get hot in the middle of the night and woke up feeling like I needed a shower. But then I had to think it through. If I took a shower in the morning, I would have used up my water allotment, and I’d really like to go for a jog later- so I had to come to work feeling a little sticky. 

I have managed to avoid any trash so far which is a huge accomplishment for me. I went for my handkerchief this morning instead of the tissue that I use to blow my nose. Also, when I went to wash my hands I immediately pushed the lever for the paper towel and remembered before I pulled it off that I couldn’t use it. Crisis averted! Wiped my hands on my pants instead and am feeling alright. 

Biggest lesson so far today….you have to be thinking ALL OF THE TIME.



  1. I had the same feeling. Mentally I was very prepared, but I just sorta stumbled into no impact week. I was pretty conflicted about whether to purchase some environmentally friendly products (like dryer balls) to help me through no impact week. Luckily I forgot to do that. Now my no impact journey is more about working with what I’ve got more than anything. Which is great for a shopaholic like me.

  2. I literally only prepared a towel. But I keep forgetting using it… It’s really a habit that is so hard to control.
    Fortunately I haven’t had breakfast which causes no trash at all. But when I wanted to cook lunch, I realized how much trash I going to create so I decided to have a tour to Curtis. Even though I want ramen so bad.
    I didn’t use my phone a lot except writing this blog. I used to be on my phone talking to friends all the times. Now I am ready to read a book instead of playing my phone~ Day 1 always a mess!!!

  3. I felt pretty unorganized today too, after waking up late and scrambling to clean out my thermos filled with old coffee and grabbing a dishtowel as I raced out the door. The great weather has definitely made it easy to avoid lights though, hopefully it doesn’t actually get as chilly and rainy as they are predicting later this week, because that will make studying with cloudy natural light tricky.

  4. From reading your experiences as well as Colin’s in his novel “No Impact Man”, it seems like to make this week be successful, we will be having to do a lot of improvising. We use energy, consume, and make waste so much quicker than we think we do. It’s built into the way we go about our daily habits.

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