Breaking Habit

I sat at lunch today feeling proud that I had convinced my friends to take the trek to huffman with me to avoid using disposable dining ware and have more control over what I ate. I remembered that I set a goal to avoid eating meat this week, I initially picked up a chicken wrap and then realizing that I shouldn’t eat chicken I pawned it off to my friend, and made a salad instead. I tried to make my salad out of the things that had the “farm to plate” tags, I ended up adding a few extra things that weren’t under this category such as cucumbers and the “french” dressing. I noticed that some of the lettuce tasted pretty bitter, but it was actually pretty good and filling. I also had some yogurt which is sourced locally. One of the people I was eating with asked me what I was going to do about using napkins, and I was about to pull out the cloth I had brought to use when I realized I had a disposable napkin not only on my lab but beside my plate to wipe my hands on as well. I didn’t even notice that I had been using these until my friend mentioned it. I am going to have to be much more aware of myself to avoid creating trash during my daily routine. I could at least put these napkins in the compost, which was good, but it would have been better to just avoid using them in the first place because they do require resources and energy to produce and transport. Better isn’t always best.



  1. I definitely agree that the options at Slayter and Curtis produce an unnecessary amount of waste so good for you for avoiding it! I think the walk is a pain but is definitely worth it to avoid the waste

  2. I am not a vegetarian, but had a low meat intake, 10 pieces of trash goal for this week. Honestly, I am not off to a great start. I couldn’t convince any of my friend to eat at Huffman for lunch today but I did for dinner. Both times I mindlessly gravitated towards the chicken options. It’s even my nickname. To avoid any trash I’ll be eating in Huffman all week. I have decided to walk to the IGA to get some eggs. Today has shown me that its unlikely that I’ll make it to Huffman for breakfast.

  3. I myself brought some friends with me on a walk to Huffman today. If Curtis and Slayter continue to use their disposable tableware, it seems like we might have to get used to that walk for every meal this week. I hope it offers enough options for you to eat there a whole week without meat, wile staying local.

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