Day 1

From the beginning of the no impact week, I started my ‘no impact’ from not having breakfast.
And in the afternoon, one of my friend asked me if I want to go to dinner with her. She said she could drive but I said if you are driving, I am out. She seemed surprised for I always ask her to drive me here and there.
Also my roommate is going to do the no impact with me together. We decided to turn on our lights only two hours a day.

My biggest problem is… I can’t live without tissues….. It always happen that I have towel in my hands but I still want to use the paper towel on the wall. It’s just a habit…
I tried really hard to control myself from using that.

Also I notice that when I stopped using phone for games and Snapchat or other apps. I only need to charge my phone once a day… while I used to charge three times..

Well Day 1 is a mess.
But keep trying is the key.



  1. Way to hold your ground by not driving! That is cool that it made an impact on your roommate as well!

  2. I completely agree with the car and tissue part. I’m always in to go off campus to eat, so it’s going to be tough restraining myself! It’s kind of gross, but if you blow your nose in the shower it really helps.

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