Day 1

The first day of this week was disorganized but pretty successful. In the morning, after I got up, I unplugged all of the electronics that did not to be plugged in and turned off the power strip because I was not going to need it on while I was in classes all day. Next, I usually have a power bar for my breakfast, but I realized that the bar has a wrapper around it. So, I decided to cut up an apple and put some peanut butter on it which is probably better for me anyway. I put the apple in a bag along with some tissues and at the end of this week will give this to Dr. Aguilar to compost. The biggest struggle for me during impact week will be my obsession with buying Life Water from Slayter. Instead, I filled up my water bottle and used that instead throughout the day. For lunch, I went to Curtis and made a sandwich and did not use any plate and just used my water bottle so I did not use a plastic cup for the water that they have available which was easy to do. At the end of the day, I usually go to the gym and run on the treadmill but instead, I decided to run outside and take advantage of the nice day and not use energy running on a treadmill. My second struggle was deciding to get a smoothie or not since it comes in a plastic cup. After contemplating this for a little while, I decided to get the smoothie and when I was done with it I rinsed it out and put the cup in the recycling. Lastly, For my goals, I put that I would take a fast shower because I usually take over 10-minute showers which are not necessary. The way I decided to cut back on my water use I would turn the water off whenever I would use my products. I discovered that this was unpleasant, cold and I think that the person in the stall next to me thought I was crazy but I accomplished it.



  1. Like Summer, I really think you had some great ideas yesterday. It was also great to see you try to balance your actions! I also struggle with the wrapped bars. I normally grab a granola bar during the day and am having to avoid that- but also like you- I’ve turned to healthier options. So, I’m thinking I should just avoid buying individually wrapped granola bars and either make my own granola from bulk items or skip it altogether. Keep up the good work!

  2. I love how you made little changes to your daily schedule that really could make a big impact – like not eating that power bar! It’s crazy how much of the food that we consume is wrapped in some form of plastic. I also love how you decided to still get the smoothie, but found a way to still manage your waste. It gave me ideas on how I will be able to deal with my waste in the future! Love, love, love all of this Maddie!

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