Day #1 (Monday)

This morning was a good start to no impact week. I managed to get ready this morning without turning on any lights because the sun was already out. I must confess that I normally take two showers a day – one in the morning and one after I run – but today I skipped my morning shower and by doing so also skipped using the hair dryer. My first slip-up of the day was eating a Cliff bar for breakfast because I didn’t have anything else in my room and needed something quick before my 8:30 class.

After my first two classes of the day, I usually hit up slayter for some coffee and fruit. Upon arriving at Slay, however, I realized I had left my reusable coffee cup in my room. This was okay though I decided because I didn’t really feel like explaining to the cashier why I must use a reusable cup, so I just skipped the coffee altogether and grabbed a banana. I then waited in line for an eternity to purchase only a banana. Lunch went smoothly, as I’m already a vegetarian and used to trying to eat mostly the foods in Huffman with the farm to fork stickers. I’ve also decided that I can use a napkin, but only 1 each meal. I also only use a napkin if I’m in Huffman where it can be composted.

Everyday for the past week or so I have been driving up to the BioReserve for an afternoon walk/run after my classes. Today, however, I didn’t want to drive my car up there, as one of my goals is to only drive 5 miles this week. So instead my friend Katie and I went down to the trail in Granville for our afternoon exercise. Not gonna lie, I missed the BioReserve because I like the feeling of being in the woods. I hate walking there though because there is no sidewalk and that road is scary. I will have to either settle for the running path this week or get over my hatred of walking on that busy road to the reserve.

Trying to shower in under 3 minutes was a complete failure. This was mostly due to the fact that the showers in Beta take a good 2 minutes to get even lukewarm and I was not about to take a cold shower because I was already not in a good mood. My shower ended up being closer to 6 minutes. I have a plan to fix this. I’m going to try to shower right after one of my friends tomorrow so that the water is already warm.



  1. I had the same issue about running somewhere different! It was weird for me to do since I am so used to running on a treadmill but I think I will start to do this more since it is starting to get nicer out and I want to explore places like the bio reserve! Also, I can relate to the showering problem and it was honestly really hard I praise you for trying to get it down to 3 minutes it was really hard for me just to get it to 6 minutes!

  2. I think that driving under 5 miles is a great goal. Everything that is essential seems to either be right here on campus or down the hill. You are also very brave for running next to that road, it is also way too busy for me. Maybe coming up with a path on campus would be good as well? Keep up the good work, and I applaud you for skipping the coffee!

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