Day 1- Monday

I woke up this morning knowing that it was no impact week. The night before, Sunday, I unplugged my desk lamp, plasma ball, fan, and my Bluetooth speaker charger. I promised myself that I would not use any of these for the entire week. In addition, I told my roommate that we are not going to be using any lights in our dorm room for the whole week. I even taped the light switch so we wouldn’t forget that we can’t use them. My roommate is pretty on board with the project for the week and didn’t have a problem with giving up all the lights for the week. As far as transportation goes, I always walk and take the stairs, so not much of a problem. I did not have any meat for lunch, another one of my goals, no meat for the week. I have only gone to places that already have the lights on to avoid having to turn on lights for my personal use. I am carrying my trash bag with me in my drawstring bag along with an old white t-shirt to use as my own towel and napkin for the week. Dinner was hard because I almost used napkins but then realized I had an old t-shirt to use as my napkin. After playing trivia, we were offered prizes, which I took then realized it came in a┬áplastic wrapping that couldn’t be recycled, so I returned the prize back to the hosts. Overall, it has not been too hard to not produce any trash.


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  1. Pretty impressed you are reusing your old t-shirt as both a napkin and a towel. May want to consider grabbing a second old shirt because that one may become pretty disgusting at the end of the week.

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