Day #1 No Impact Week

Right after class I head back to my room thinking of how hard I am going to try to make less of an impact on the environment this week. I get back to my room, plop down on my beanbag chair, and guess what it does, BURSTS! So now I’ve got white pellets all over my carpet and I’m probably over my trash limit for the week seeing as I had to throw the beanbag away. Other than that, my waste for the day has been pretty limited. The only things I have in my trash bag are a couple of wrappers from my easter candy, and a napkin from Huffman (but that can be composted). Today I’ve tried to use less electricity by using natural light instead of the electric ones in my room. This was pretty easy because it was sunny out today. I even showered after soccer practice using only natural light from the window. My room gets pretty hot during the day because I’m on the third floor of my building. So instead of cranking the multiple fans in my room, I’ve tried to save electricity by just opening the windows. These were some accomplishments I’ve had today, but I’ve also encountered other challenges besides the beanbag. After practice, I was starving so I sprinted up to the dining hall and scarfed down a meal. Only after doing this did I realize that I had used 4 plates and 4 cups in the process. This unnecessary usage of dining materials just increased the amount of water needed to wash the dishes that night. It also takes a lot of virtual water that goes into the process of making meat, and I ate a lot of meat tonight. Of that was some sausage, which is processed food. This didn’t help my case of eating locally and sustainably. I guess will just have to wait and see if I can correct these mistakes during the day tomorrow.


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  1. You could try to sew up the beanbag and use it as a blanket, pillow, or laundry bag? As for the little pellets, you could try to use them for an arts and craft activity, or use them to stuff a pillow. I can relate to your struggle with the number of plates used in the dining hall. I too eat a lot of food and tend to have 3-6 plates by the end of dinner. I know we can’t bring used plates back up to the line because it is a health violation, but I am not sure what else I could do to reduce the number of plates I use. Any ideas? In addition, another goal I have is to not eat any meat this week because it has an enormous virtual footprint for each pound of meet. I was sure to double-check the signs about what was in each of the dishes, and to ask the staff if there was any meat inside that I couldn’t see. Will, you could try bringing a resuable water bottle to the dining hall and filling that up instead of using a bunch of cups, that’s what I tend to do and it works out pretty well. Sorry to hear about your beanbag chair.

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