Day 1- No Impact Week

I did not get off to a great start for no impact week this morning. I woke up and immediately took a shower that was not very long, but then I shaved my facial hair and left the water running for a few minutes, without even realizing No Impact week had begun. Shortly after I had gotten dressed, I realized that I had not done my laundry before we left for baseball a couple days before, so I threw in a load of laundry, still not realizing that it was No Impact week. Those two actions right there were most likely enough water consumption for me for the week. After I did these two things, I opened my backpack and realized that our project had begun and I was off to a terrible start. After folding my laundry, I went to Slayter to look for something to eat that would not put me in any deeper of a hole than I had already put myself in, but nothing looked too appetizing, so I ended up skipping breakfast. I made a point of not using any electronics until 3 pm and I did a pretty good job of limiting the times I looked at my phone. For lunch, I had a salad, which left me very hungry, but i managed to control my hunger all the way until dinner. I did not turn the lights in my room on the entire day, even when evening rolled around. For dinner, I went off campus to eat with my father and I had to fill myself up, so I ended up eating half a chicken, which probably was not the best decision for this project, but I needed the calories. The only time that I pulled out my laptop today, was to write this blog and do some of my other homework in the library. Besides the morning, I had a pretty successful start to day 1.



  1. I completely sympathize!! I almost forgot to my laundry, but thank goodness I remembered yesterday afternoon. I think you did a great job limiting your use of electronics – that is definitely something that I struggled with today, with homework and other work to do. It is definitely something I will set a stricter limit for in the days to come. Great job!!

  2. I am impressed by how you were able to pretty much go a whole day without eating other than a salad. But I too did not think about no impact week some parts during my day and found myself reaching for the snack that is packaged in a plastic bag and it was hard to stop myself since I am such a snacker throughout the day.

  3. I do not know how you skipped breakfast, I would feel so miserable! But at least you are aware of what you need to improve on, I wouldn’t say it was a terrible day, but more of just learning for the rest of the week. You’ve got it!

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