Day 1 No Impact

My first day of No Impact Week went relatively smoothly. I woke up before my roommate so it was a good incentive to keep the lights off. I told her previously about the project so she unplugged and turned off her fan and we both turned off our desk lights.  Our fan and desk lights are usually on when we do homework so we both agreed to do homework in a place where the lights have to be on anyways, such as Slayter or the Library. I ate breakfast in my room to avoid having any waste at Slayter or Curtis so that was manageable. However, it was hard to eliminate the use of my computer during the day because of the amount I use it for my classes and for homework. I turned it off when I didn’t absolutely need it in class and used my time efficiently while doing homework to limit the time spent on it. This was the most challenging part of the day for me personally. I usually am on my phone by habit and my computer holds all of my notes and work. Attempting to find ways around using these devices was definitely challenging but I hope as the week continues, it will get easier. Overall, I think the first day was a success.


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  1. Yeah the no computer thing was very hard for me too. Especially since I was right smack dab in the middle of binge watching Portlandia on Netflix when this week started. I have found that I pay better attention in my classes when I take notes with a pen and paper though. The phone thing was also hard for me too, becuase I use my phone to know when my friends are going to Huff and stuff like that. Tonight I turned my phone off and I just followed one of my friends around until it was time to eat and this worked out well. Keep up the good work, as the week goes on you will find what works for you.

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