Day 1-A Pretty Good Start

On the first day of No Impact Week, I sort of lucked out in way. The softball team had a game at Capital, so it meant that I would be spending almost 3/4 of my day outside! So that helped me in so many ways, mostly in not using as much electricity or energy. I would say the only downfall of my day was the driving to get to and from and also my shower this morning. While Capital is only about 30 miles away, combined that is 60 miles including going to stop and find food to eat, which also was definitely not local :(…the other downside to my day being my shower was that it was not under 7 minutes, which was my goal. I full intend to be much better in the coming days. I usually walk anywhere I go around campus, so at least the weather has been holding out thus far. I am looking forward to what the week has to offer!


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  1. Sounds like a pretty good start! Hope your game went well and that you had a HUGE impact on the field…see what I did there? I may or may not have gotten some intel on a certain Dr.’s favorite song to use to time the showers…”The Safety Dance” by Men with Hats. Maybe try that to help you keep time! Best of luck!

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