Day One

Waking up today, it didn’t really hit me how much I was about to change my daily habits for no impact week. I thought it was over-hyped and I could somewhat breeze through it. As of day one, it hasn’t been too bad. I already take pretty quick showers, I don’t use lights in the morning because my roommates are sleeping by the time I wake up, and don’t get packaged food from slayter in the morning. Later today however, one of my friends offered to drive me to our dining hall across campus to get some lunch. I told him I would go, but then let him know I had to walk there. Once I explained why, he gave me a weird look, called me a freak, but finally agreed to walk with me. Once there, it was pretty easy to see what items came from local sources, and which ones didn’t. Even just deciding to eat local food for a single meal made me feel good about myself. When I got back to my room to do some school work, I was greeted by a drawer full of easter candy from yesterday’s holiday. Even though I knew I shouldn’t have it, even if it just be for the week, I still had a few pieces. Im already giving into urges at day one. I hope I can work on this throughout the week. As I go to practice tonight, knowing I will be watching film, and practice under energy sucking field lights, I realize that so much energy is used up just to give us conveniences just as said in the novel No Impact Man. Even though changing this is not in my power, I hope to find other ways to reduce my impact throughout the week.



  1. Ya you’re kind of a freak. I feel you on those energy-sucking lights on the football field, and if I had this project first semester (since I was on the football team) I would have been screwed! It sounds like your first day wasn’t the worst. Maybe just lay off the candy.

  2. It happened to me as well.. My friend wanted to drag me to Granville grab some dinner. She even said she gonna drive to tempt me. When I said I am going to walk there if she wanted to drive, she can wait for me there. And she just think that I am being weird.
    I love your last sentence. Although we can not change the world so much by doing these small things, we are being ourselves, being less impact to our world.

  3. Reading other posts including yours I’m realizing I forgot about eating locally. Fortunately, I did make an effort to avoid meat and got Mindful Monday stuff which seemed to have some local ingredients. Certainly its really easy to give into urges though, especially as I think of all the easter candy in my room too.

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