Day One

My first day of No Impact Week was one of bad habits. I woke up and was running late and had to take a quick shower, so finishing my shower under 3 minutes wasn’t as hard as I thought it’d be. Also reminded myself not to use any lights and kept the window shade way up to bring in that good ol’ natural sunlight. From there, I swore to try my best to avoid plastic products. I didn’t buy any food at Slayter in the morning, and even when I turned down a plastic bag when I picked up a few drinks, I was still getting drinks that were in plastic bottles. I ate at Curtis for lunch and brought my own plate, and I walked everywhere I had to go except for when I went to Petland via car. I was also not too good about not charging my phone or my laptop and limiting my usage. I also was kind of forced to use my desk light later in the day when it got too dark. I noticed all my bad habits, and tomorrow I am going to remind myself to do a better job of not doing what I did today with my phone, not going off campus, and not buying drinks at Slayter. Very challenging first day but there is still some promise for the rest of the week.


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  1. Day 1 was a challenge for most people in the class, but you just have to stick with it and improve throughout the week. Not buying plastic bottles was probably one of the most challenging things for me, but having a reusable water bottle definitely helps get past the temptation for plastics.

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