Day One

For a first day, today went pretty well! I’m fortunate enough, even though I live in the basement and get very little natural light, to be¬†accustomed to using my phone light in the morning instead of the overhead lights so as to not disturb my roommate. For food today, I grabbed breakfast and lunch in Curtis with my own plate, fork, and mug for coffee! The hardest challenge for me this week is that I am attempting to go without any meat, and the bacon at breakfast was soooooo tempting. This is definitely a great exercise for me in learning what I need and what I don’t. I spent the afternoon outside, an hour working in the garden and the rest of the time studying outside so I didn’t have to use artificial light. I did have a trash container from the fruit that I bought at Slayter, but the cup is compostable so I will make sure I find a bin for it sometime this week. The hardest thing for me was my technology use since I had a paper to write today, so I was on my laptop for quite a few hours (like 8!!). I hope the rest of the week I can detach more from technology, spend even more time in the garden, and enjoy the spring more and more.



  1. Really good start to the week. I hope you can keep up the practice of bringing your own stuff with you! After a while, it might become more like a habit!
    Also, I think Liam already has some ways to improve!

  2. Mh, working outside must be a good idea. When I was trying to control my energy consumption, I was thinking about working in the library. Pretty thoughtful! I don’t think eating meatless is a good idea, as your body required the consumption of meat. You probably can reduce the amount of meat you eat but still enjoy the joy of eating protein.

  3. Best of luck, because you will need it to defeat the champ aka Liam Mc! I highly doubt you used your own utensils in Slayter…lying will not get you the gold. 2nd place is the 1st person who lost. There is no most-improved with regards to the future of this Planet.

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