Reboot: No Impact #1

For me, the perpetual night owl No Impact week began around 12:10 am when I frantically rushed up to my room to unplug my Ipad and Macbook to prepare them for a week in my desk. That set the tone for Day 1 for me; close but not quite what I imagined. Energy consumption is one of my major weakness so my goal to cut my energy consumption by 90% this week. I  set a goal to take six minute showers and came really close at 8 mins, with the shower off at intervals. My roommate, also a night owl, was persuaded to turn off the lights in the room in favor of her desk light but I could not convince her to turn off her fan. Because I didn’t just leave my phone plugged in all night I’ve had to charge it three times for roughly 20 minutes at each interval. To preserve energy instead of putting my phone on silent I  leave it on airplane mode.To avoid lit unnecessarily lit rooms I will be living in the library for the week. Surprisingly even day one came with light bulb moments. I realized that whenever I use a tap I turn on the hot water; partly because of convince, but mostly because I feel an unmitigated hatred of cold water. By reaching an extra inch past the hot water nob I use a lot less water.

Serendipitously, I ran out of cotton balls the night before, so I was unable to use my usual 4 cotton balls. I’ve found that a face towel works just as well. However, to avoid washing one everyday I washed the face mask I used that morning and cut it into “cotton ball” sized pieces. So far this project has also been a bit of a pat on the back for me as I had already switched to organic/sustainable lotion, deodorant and soap.



  1. Wow- very impressive steps! I think the idea of cutting the cloth was great! Also, good job on cutting back the energy consumption. It feels pretty easy with all this sunshine and beautiful weather. Hopefully, it remains like this throughout the week. Keep up the great work! -OA

  2. For the fan problem, you can probably ask your roommate to open the window. I like your cotton ball project, which I thinks reuse everything that could and didn’t produce any extra waste.

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