No Impact Week Champ!

Today, in my first day of a championship performance for “No Impact Week 2k17” I showered with lukewarm-cold water for 3.5 minutes with out any lights on. My means were food items I had purchased over the weekend and microwaved in a re-usable, BPA free, American Made container. I did, however use my laptop which needed to be plugged into the wall to charge, but once charged I took my work outside to use the natural light that the beautiful day provided us. I did purchase a doughnut hole that came in a pre-wrapped plastic package…so shame on me, but I used a mug to get coffee at Slayter to avoid any materials that would be thrown away—even though all of those materials are either plant-based and compostable or recyclable. I will be the champ, try and stop me!


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