Off to a OK start-Day #1

I started off really well on day one. When I woke up I did not turn on the lights, but I did unplug my fan. Me and my roommate talked and came to the conclusion that the fan will only be used while we are sleeping. Before leaving my room I turned off all the lights within my 7 man suite. For breakfast I avoided meats focusing more on fruits and vegetables (did not consider eating locally as I at pineapple). I ate peanut butter which was the only processed food I ate that morning. All day I avoided using paper napkins to dry my hands. The only piece of trash I created thus far was a plastic wrapper from a granola. After practice I took a two minute long shower and while leaving the locker room I shut off the lights. I ate dinner at Huffman and did a good job avoiding meats…for the most part, before I left I had a little bit of chicken with pasta. I also grabbed my reusable water bottle in my room before going to the dining hall to make sure that I did not use any cups for dinner. My phone has been on airplane mode all day and I have only used 5% of the original 20% battery thus far, I am thinking of just leaving my phone in my room tomorrow. All in all, I think I have done pretty well on my first day of No Impact Week. At the end of day one I’ve noticed that I have become more cautious of what I am consuming and using.


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