4 years later…finally finding my path

I’ve already told you all that I really like challenging myself during no impact week. I still think back to the first few times I attempted this. It was like I was walking on egg shells. I would wake up and be so focused on my every move so that I didn’t make a mistake. I was super strict with my goals and would be really disappointed if I made a mistake. But this year feels different. First, I didn’t stress much about starting…but as I told you, it might be because I was so busy, I didn’t even have time to think about it. But I also was able to enjoy my day yesterday, I think, by not stressing so much about every little action. While I want to do well…I can also keep trying to do better.

After work yesterday, I went for a bike ride. Then I walked to the grocery store to purchase local cheese to go with our local beef and local chips (no impact week nachos are one of our favorite dishes).  We ate watching the sunset instead of Jeopardy. I graded by candlelight and then was able to read for fun (b/c no tv)! It was such a fun day and I didn’t feel like I was having to sacrifice anything. I think this is what Colin is trying to get at in his book. But I also think it takes practice to figure out how you can still have fun during this crazy project. I hope you are all able to figure out how to find some enjoyment while also being mindful of your impact this week. 

Oh, and here is a pic of some NI goodies….local mushrooms and ramps I procured from a colleague and a birthday gift (earrings made from sustainable wood)! 4 years later...finally finding my path - image-300x225.jpeg - Image #0



  1. I agree with your point that it takes some time to get used to living this lifestyle and finding activities that work with your schedule. Since we are doing this for a week, it kind of forces to be on our toes and think about actions before we carry them out. However, since Colin did this for a year, it must have become more habitual and less of a task and more of a lifestyle. I notice that I am outside much more than I was before (might be due to the nice weather). When walking to and from class I try not to be so rushed, and instead notice what’s around me and enjoy just being outside and not so focused on making it to the next destination.

  2. Im glad you got away from your hedonic treadmill as mentioned in the book. I too got to enjoy working outside and get away from most of my manufactured goods meant to provide an unnecessary sense of convenience. We all have too many distractions in our life!

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