Day 2

So the past couple of days have not been as bad, or as hard I guess as I expected them to be. I think with having the perfect weather has really been helpful for me. It isn’t so bad getting ready in the mornings, my window is large enough that plenty of natural light comes in to light the entire room. Although at night I have my little light on so hopefully I am not using as much energy as I usually would. My shower was quick and easy. I usually try to eat very healthy and it is nice that a lot of the healthier options are locally made! I also made sure that I was only on my computer if it was for school work and getting assignments finished. I also was not on my phone much today, I have been cutting down on that a lot. I also took my car home after I hurt my knee, so naturally I have to walk to wherever I need to go. I love being outside so that is not a problem for me. I think that I have been doing well this week, but there are always areas I can improve on!



  1. I definitely agree with the point you made about natural light and how much that helps with keeping the lights off. I have found that to be the most helpful incentive!

  2. Really good point about the phone. But I think it’s great, if we can cut our usage just a little bit. It might help us to stop and smell the roses a bit more. Keep up the good work!

  3. I completely agree that this week has been pretty rewarding. I have also noticed myself making way healthier choices when I eat because most of the treats and stuff I usually get are either processed or packaged. Good work!

  4. Wow it really sounds like you’re killing this week so far. Keep it up. But you are right, the weather does make a difference. I have two windows in my room, so when it’s a sunny day it really helps waking up.

  5. I was just thinking about how the weather this week made it much easier to do this project. I’ve got three windows in my room, so luckily it’s easy for me to let the natural light in as well. It’s supposed to storm Thursday though, so we might not be able to keep the windows open for fresh air. I’m glad to hear that some people are having success in cutting down their phone usage. I’m just now realizing how attached I am to mine now that I have to think about the time I spend on it.

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