Day 2

Waking up today I remembered to not turn the lights on.  It was 12:30 when I woke up, so there was enough natural light anyways.  I set the timer on my phone to 5 minutes when I got in the shower to make sure I was on time.  I never eat breakfast, so my first meal was lunch at Curtis.  Most everything there is locally grown/produced, so I would say my impact there was minimal.  One meal can usually hold me for a whole day, but around 8:30 I was starving and ate two bags of Doritos in my room.  After my classes were done I went down to Mitchell center to work out.  It wouldn’t be so bad if there wasn’t two huge fans circulating non-stop above you, as well as 3 flat screen TVs in front.  After, I went back to my room, turned off my lights turned my TV on and did homework on my laptop in bed.  Honestly, I think day 2 was more of a failure than day 1.  We’ll see about day 3.



  1. I feel the same way. I slipped up and ate a bag of sun chips in my room. I wasn’t feeling well so instead of going to the library I decided to stay in and ended up having to charge my laptop for homework. Day 2 wasn’t quite what I imagined but that just means I will put more preparation into day 3.

  2. Frank, yes sounds like a rough day impact wise. What things do you think you can avoid tomorrow…are there things you can do instead of watch tv with your laptop on ….are there foods you can eat that aren’t packaged? I’m sure you can find little things to change tomorrow….but it’s good that you are being aware of your actions.

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