Day 2

Today, I got off to a much better start in the morning. I took a two minute shower in the morning, which was much easier than a full shower because I did not wash my hair this morning. Washing my hair in the morning probably takes the most time out of my morning routine. I usually am not able to stomach food in the morning, so skipping breakfast was pretty easy for me. I pulled up the shades in my room for natural light, but my roommate still needed to turn the lights on in the morning, so we got in a little bit of an argument this morning. I ended winning the argument and turned the lights off, so I felt pretty good about myself this morning. I did not have much of an appetite for lunch, so I went to ENVS class without having lunch. In class, I used my laptop, but did not have it plugged in, so that was pretty good as well. After class, I slipped up and ended up eating a burger for lunch, but that was the only mistake of the afternoon. I am going to try to eat in the dining halls the rest of the week, but we will see how appetizing the food is this week. I got to enjoy the rest of the afternoon at baseball in the awesome weather. After baseball, I gave in and took another shower to wipe off all the dirt and grass stains. I slipped up for dinner and grabbed one of the pb&j sandwiches in the plastic packaging. Overall, I think I did a better job than I did on day 1.



  1. Nice job on the shower and lights! I think Niall is right about avoiding Slayter…it is bound to get us in trouble this week. The trick is to plan around it so that you can avoid it. For instance a burger at the dining halls would be slightly better b/c you could probably avoid any waste. Also, the meat is local….so all in all, a burger at the dining hall isn’t too bad of a deal. Actually, I’m starting to think I might do this Thursday! Looking forward to seeing how you improve tomorrow. Good luck!

  2. Yeah I would say the best way to reduce waste is by avoiding Slayter all together. Also, having a reusable water bottle can help as well. Good job getting your roommate to shut off the light in the morning. Especially today with the sun being so bright there really is no need to use your lights in the morning.

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