Day 2

Day 2 started messily. This morning I woke up late and without even thinking grabbed a yogurt cup from my fridge and ran out the door. I was halfway to my class when I realized that I had forgotten to get a spoon to eat my yogurt with during class. I contemplate how I would be able to eat my yogurt in the most civil way possible without a spoon. Unfortunately, I got a plastic spoon from Slayter and continued to my class. This project has helped me pay more attention to what I am eating and where my food is coming from since one of my goals was to eat more locally and organically. For my lunch, I went to the Curtis Provost with my plate and fork from my room feeling confident that I was going to make no waste. Unfortunately, I get up to the food expecting it to be the usual self-serve but there was a lady there who grabbed a paper plate and I had to explain what I was doing and that I actually wanted it on my own plate. She slapped on a large amount of food on my food and I knew I would not be able to finish it all. I ended throwing the food into the trash since they do not compost at the Provost. Feeling guilty after my lunch I decided to take advantage the nice day and not use the lights in my room, I did my homework outside which I enjoyed much better than doing my homework in my stuffy room. I found that I have more of an incentive to drink out of my water bottle when it is cold. So, I put it in the fridge the night before. Today, I stuck to my plan of running outside instead of running on the treadmill which felt much better to do and again, take advantage of the beautiful day. After my run, I took a faster shower than day one and was able to cut it down to 5 minutes which I was proud of. Lastly, I had a chapter meeting at my sorority house which is down the hill and I convinced my friends to walk down with me which was a success. Day two overall was alright. My trash count was a failure but I was able to take advantage of the nice day.


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  1. This is a problem in huffman or curtis that the servant always give you the amount of food that you can never finish them all. I think there is a solution to it. For examply, I always try to get there late and find out that I can self-serve whatever food that I want, which is pretty good solution to reduce the waste.

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