Day 2 No Impact

Today went much smoother than I would have thought. I only have two classes today so it was easy to limit my time on my computer. One of my goals was to not eat meat for the week and that has been going very smoothly. I ate breakfast in my room so I could avoid waste as well as any meat options. For lunch I was running between classes so I just grabbed a quick salad, which unfortunately produced waste from the Slayter containers but I was in a rush and didn’t have time to go to Huffman or to go back to my room. Dinner was easy at Huffman because of all of the options. My roommate and I kept the lights off all day as well due to the nice weather and sun. Overall, I think today was another success!



  1. It seems like your day really goes well and about the Slayter container, why don’t you try to save the container or you can use the one that you can wash to buy the salad which Sarah and I talked about it, it might work! Anyway, good job!

  2. Sounds excellent! Good to see you have a good day and filled all the goal in no impact week!

  3. Slayter waste was my biggest problem today as well. It really makes me miss the Greenies! You’re doing an awesome job – we are so lucky to have this nice weather!

  4. All sounds great Amy! Really proud of how far you have come. A true inspiration to all students in this major.

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