Day #2-Still doing pretty well

Today I started the day with morning practice and while getting ready to leave my room I did not turn on any lights. After practice I took a shower that was a little bit less than 2mins. I was planning to go to Slayter before my 8:30 but I knew I would end up buying a sandwich with tin foil thus producing more trash. I kept my phone on airplane mode for most of the day and was able to make it majority of the day on 9% battery. I did eat an orange with a sticker on it and consumed a pack of gummy bears which came in a plastic wrap, but that was the only trash I produced today. At Huffman I consumed some milk breaking my rule of no dairy products, I also ate some meat as well. I used my reusable water bottle all day and made various efforts to turn off lights and unplug electronics whenever I had the chance. As of right now the hardest part of No Impact week is following my rules when it comes to consumption of food. I am certainly going to need to make a better effort of not consuming certain food products such as meats and packaged goods.



  1. I do wish there was a way that we could have less impact in Slayter, but maybe we just have to venture to the other dining halls! Consumption of food is also a hard one for me – I definitely miss meat!

  2. I am always amazed that some people can take such short showers but I give you credit! It seems like you are doing well so far if you are only concerned with your eating habits which are my problems as well for this project.

  3. I agree. I think food and waste are the hardest and they really go hand in hand. Isn’t that crazy? But what is also interesting is that I feel when I eat food that creates less waste, I am also forced to eat healthier- mainly because I’m avoiding processed food. So today, I had an egg with spinach and cheese on toast. And even though I had nachos yesterday, I knew where the cow was from and that it only ate grass so the beef was very lean. The local chips also seemed healthier, and the cheese wasn’t processed!

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