Day 2- Tuesday

This morning was pretty easy, I never have breakfast so I don’t have to worry about waste or trash. In my Spanish lab, we did use the lights and computers, but the computers weren’t plugged in so I did not have to use my own laptop and plug it in. As I am writing this I am charging my laptop from 5%-100%, so that will take a lot of energy but I shouldn’t need to plug it in tomorrow. Not eating meat this week is going to be so hard!! There are so many dishes that contain meat the dining hall that look really good. I would like to study outside but I am not productive when I am, so I usually just take a nap and end up tanning instead. During ENVS we did not use the lights in the classroom, just the light coming through the windows. Instead of studying in the library after lab, my roommate and decided to study outside at one of the tables near the flagpole. Dinner at Huffman was tempting tonight, there is so much meat available but I had to find alternative options. My roommate and I unplugged our fridge this morning to help reduce our electricity¬†usage. I am currently in the library charging my computer for the second time today. I have not made any trash today which I am super proud of. However, I am not eating super well, most of my food is processed and very little is local.



  1. I’ve been having so much trouble keeping my computer alive so I’ve just decided to only charge it a little bit and charge it just enough every time it dies. Oh well. And for meals, its nice to know that I also don’t have to worry about breakfast since I don’t eat it, but every lunch and dinner is a real struggle.

  2. Matt- Just wondering what you are eating if it is processed but not using waste? Also, I think it is is worth asking if it is better to eat local meat/chicken than processed food from somewhere far away? Chicken has a lot smaller water footprint than beef. Something to consider. It sounds like you are trying hard with your goals…good job with the library!

  3. Studying outside sure is a good idea to not only use natural light, but also have the chance to enjoy the amazing weather we are having. Charging my laptop is probably the biggest use of electricity for me as well, so being smart about charging it will certainly help you conserve energy this week.

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