Day #2 (Tuesday)

I feel like I didn’t do as well today as I did yesterday. Yesterday I only had one piece of trash, but today I had 5. I ate a granola bar this morning and then my mom sent me an easter package were everything inside was wrapped in plastic. I was happy to be surprised by the package, but sad by all the plastic material that it came with.

There were some small wins today though!!!! First, I used my reusable coffee cup to get coffee in slay and the lady at the register was actually nice about it! Second, when my friend asked me to drive her into town I explained that I didn’t want to drive down because of the project and instead we had a lovely walk to CVS. Third, my morning run outside was so much better than my usual Tuesday morning trip to the gym and I got to see the cows on the running trail in Granville. Forth, I managed to not use a napkin or paper towel all day long and this was exciting.

I’m a vegetarian, along with most of my friends, and since it was rib night in Huff everyone wanted to go to Slayter for dinner. This was a bit of a setback because it meant I had to get my sandwich in a cardboard container. I miss the greenies and hope they come back soon.

I’m sitting in the library typing this and plan to try to not use my electronics when I go back to my room. My goal for tomorrow is to not make as much trash as I did today.



  1. I’m with you, did better yesterday then I did today. It’s great you were able to make it on the cow path for a run. It probably smelt pretty awful as you passed the cow path I imagine. Anyhow today was a great for a run, I hope everyone can spend as much time outside as possible this week the weather has been great. I think going for a walk down the hill with a friend is much better than driving, it gives you two a good amount of time to talk about your day. Also, the trip down the hill is so short that you don’t even really need to drive.

  2. I am so glad everyone is also getting outside for this week as well! It is so nice to see that just as Colin emphasized in the book it is really about reconnecting to the world and realizing that sometimes living the simpler life is more rewarding! Trying to have less of an impact can really bring people together to enjoy their time such as you and your friend getting to spend time walking together rather than driving quickly in a car. 🙂

  3. It’s crazy how easy it is to collect all the little pieces of trash, and going to slayter is so risky. But the small wins are so satisfying. It’s really great how nice everyone is on this campus about supporting our efforts to be more environmental.

  4. I like how you found mini-accomplishments within your day instead of looking down upon your trash. I used to be a vegetarian (I was for 4 years), but it seems so much harder now to be one since I started eating meat again. I like your goal of not using electronics in your room, I might try that as well. I agree with you that the not using napkins is hard. Maye try bringing an old cloth or shirt and wash it at the end of the week? That’s what I’m doing.

  5. Same, I feel like I did much better yesterday than today. I too have an easter package from my parents and its hard to resist the temptation of plowing through the candy wrappers to get to the chocolate. I just got a noodle bowl container from slayter today which I’m gonna reuse this week. It’s nice to know that the workers there are okay with that like they were for you and your coffee cup.

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