Day 2 what am I doing

Not gonna lie, Day 2 was ROUGH. It was just one instance of caving after another. My roommate was getting breakfast at the Nest, and waking up groggy I didn’t even think to bring something to put their tasty breakfast sandwiches on, so used some tin foil. Huffman it will be for the rest of the week. However, there were a few small wins. I have been using my coffee thermos like crazy and have resisted many of the urges to buy naked juices and other treats from Slayter. I also spent a lot of time outside and made an effort to eat locally at dinner. Some other concerns and things I have noticed are just how crazy dedicated someone needs to be to have zero waste. Like this afternoon I ¬†went to floss my teeth and panicked after realizing I had created waste just by flossing. I also have a ton of snacks in my room. If I ate them I would be producing waste because of the leftover wrappers, but by not eating them there is still just as much waste. I keep wondering what exactly Colin Beavan did with all of the cans he must have had in his house prior to becoming no impact man. Are they all still just sitting there?

While there have been some losses today I am remaining optimistic that I can do better tomorrow.

side note: my hanky and cloth napkin are getting crazy gross



  1. I have had similar troubles trying to keep my waste as low as possible. It’s like everywhere I look there’s a way to make an impact and now I’ve just resorted to avoidance and just running away.

  2. My day two wasn’t much easier. I meant to use only one handkerchief but no impact week coincided perfectly with my spring allergies so that’s not going so well. I forgot my water bottle this morning and as I sat in the sunny weather I was seriously tempted to walk into Slayter and grab a drink.

  3. Yes, flossing is a great example of things that are hard to avoid. Remember Colin had a whole year to figure out things…we’re trying to do it in a week. I also feel like it is really hard to do all of these things really well. I run into this trouble with waste vs. food. If I want to eat local, I will run into packaging. The only way to avoid packaging is to buy at a store that has food in bulk…which means I’d have to drive to Newark or Columbus…which is out. And we don’t even have a bus option, so that is out too. So, I have to figure out how to balance my waste with eating local. But yes, I also think it is silly to waste food. However if your food is packaged…it will still be good after this week! Stay strong…you got this!

  4. Day 2 almost felt more challenging than the first, but being optimistic sure will help you get through all of the challenges for the week. Hopefully, your roommate does not intentionally eat all your snacks right in front of you while you try to make it through the week.

  5. My day two was very rough as well. Hopefully by tomorrow we will start to get the hang of it, but I do think there are things (like flossing your teeth) that need to be done no matter the waste.

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