Day Two

The good thing about doing this project in the spring is that it gives us even more of an incentive to go outside and enjoy the nice sunny weather. Its a win-win. Doing some schoolwork outside today not only helped me reduce the amount of electricity I would have used up from being inside, but it also made the work I was doing more enjoyable.

To focus on my waste from today, I thought it would be a good idea to try carrying around a small rag to use as a reusable tissue/napkin. Dr. AguilarĀ and Colin both did just fine doing that in the past, so I imagined it couldn’t be that big of a convenience. It actually came in clutch. I tend to get bloody noses very easily. Walking back to class, my nose just started to drip out of nowhere, but luckily I had something to prevent an even bigger mess. Yes, it was hard to clean out, and I may have to use a different rag tomorrow, but I like the idea of having a permanent wipe. I would call day two a success.



  1. The incentive to go outside is great, but certainly distracting and tricky with how much our workload is picking up right now. My friends love making fun of my handkerchiefs but I completely agree– they are so effective! as far as the reusable napkin goes though.. thats another story.

  2. That is awesome for using the rag! It has already been mentioned, but you for sure saved a landfill from gaining a few extra tissues. And while just a few tissues does not seem like a big deal, it could definitely help out in the long run.

  3. Good for you for using a reusable rag. I’m kind of scared to because I feel like people around me would judge me or think that was gross. But it’s really not gross at all if you wash it after use. What’s more gross is all those used tissues building up in a landfill! It’s funny how culture sees things like reusable rags as less clean though even if they really aren’t.

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