Some things are so unnecessary

I was having some coffee at a place in Granville, and I realized once my coffee came that the only cremer they had was the kind in the tiny little disposable containers with foil tops. My coffee was really hot and I love coffee and creamer so I used two of these stupid things. This made me think about why it is so common for places to provide these little creamer containers in the first place. There is no need to be able to take them with you, they don’t even sell coffee togo. It amazes me that someone had to come up with the idea to put very small amounts of creamer into little containers and think that it was a great idea that would be super successful. What amazes me even more is that such a dumb and unnecessary concept has become so commonplace. And then there is the fact that I sat there and used them anyway, even though I know that they cannot be recycled or reused or anything even semi-eco-friendly.



  1. I wonder what the response for the people at the coffee place would have been if you had asked for cream that didn’t come individually packaged like that. They may have thought you were crazy or they may have taken it as a good suggestion to have reusable cream pot out for people to pour themselves. It reminds me of how Dr. A was able to get them to put out a sugar shaker in Slayter so there wouldn’t be as many sugar packets being thrown away.

  2. I feel like its all of these convenient, little, every day purchases that cause us to create the most trash. If it weren’t for no impact week, you wouldn’t of thought twice about ripping open that package of creamer just for that one time use. This is a great example representing our throw away lifestyle that we learned about in class.

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