Things Fall Apart: No Impact #2

Energy wise today has not been too bad. I only charged my phone for 10 minutes. Most of my direct energy consumption came from staying in to work on my homework. It took about an hour to charge my laptop. However,  think that was offset by the fact that my roommate and I haven’t turned on the lights as all today (we’ve been in bed recovering).

Food wise I messed up and ate a bag of chips in my room, so that leave me with 2 pieces of trash for this week.  I definitely think I would have a much easier time if I did not forget my water bottle. I have been keeping apples in my bag for emergency snacking and I think that has really minimized the amount of waste that I accumulate.


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  1. I did not even think about charging my electronics during the day which I need to start doing. My roommates and I also have trouble keeping the lights off because my room is in the basement and stays pretty dark during the day.

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