Checkered Past: No Impact #3

I woke up feeling pretty good today. I finally took a five-minute shower and I remembered both my plate and water bottle. Today has been a success and a bit of a fop.  I was too self-conscious to use my large bright red plate today but my lights have stayed off.

I have been donating an item of clothing everyday, and it has been so easy that I’ll select an item of clothing to donate once a month after No Impact week is over. I am still not doing the best food wise, I’m not creating trash but I am not eating locally either. I am usually in a rush when I walk into the dining halls. I think I’ll turn meals into my “internal relfection” in order to ensure that I make decisions mindfully.


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  1. A good number of the fruits and veggies within the dinning halls are local if you have a chance you should make yourself a quick fruit salad that probably won’t take long to eat. Also, thats great that you are donating clothes everyday this week!

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