Day 2: Little more Difficult

My day today did not go nearly as smoothly as yesterday. I definitely had more waste today because I ate at Slayter for all of my meals, meaning everything was wrapped in something that had to be thrown away. That was my major fault in terms of waste. I did spend most of the day outside (evidence is found my awesome sunburn), which minimized the amount of time that I had to sit in a room that was powered by electricity. Actually, the only time I’ve turned on a light all day was when I got back to my room 10 minutes ago! All in all, I’ve begun to realize that I do not live an extremely wasteful life, mainly convinced by the proximity of everything that I need. It makes me think about broader city planning, how by planning to have everything within walking/biking distance, the community could be way more sustainable. I hope for the rest of the week to manage my waste from food much more sustainably.


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  1. I feel the same! I created lots of trash today and I also had a meal in Slayter. But I saved the bottle and the bowl for next time. I hope that I can be less impact but I can’t be no impact. So… a little bit guilty…
    But we are doing well I think. At least better.

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