Day 3

Day three marks the point where this project starts to become an inconvenience, and I started to slip. Waking up late, I was pretty much pressured into grabbing a foil wrapped breakfast sandwich from our evil slayter market if I wanted some kind of food in my body. After my classes ended, I walked down to the Mitchell center to hop on a giant coach bus to head over to Kenyon College for a lacrosse game. This was all out of my power, but I felt bad for not following through with my goals for the week. However, I did skip out on eating lunch on campus so I wouldn’t be too full to waste any of my bus food. That did feel like a success.

Today, the project felt like It was limiting my everyday actions. I had lost that sense of encouragement and excitement I had on the first day. It takes a lot of extra energy, focus, and even money to make sustainable choices and that is why our society is operating in the wasteful manner that it is.



  1. I have also lost the good attitude that I once had about doing this. It’s good to know that I’m noticing my habits and trying to make less of an impact but it has been so difficult for me to live up to my expectations and it’s also a little disheartening to see that other people don’t even think about it when they ask for more plastic bags at Slayter.

  2. I agree with you Tucker, and Morgan, eating healthily, sustainably, and locally isn’t always an option for every person/family. In some cases, it can add up to be a lot more expensive than going to a traditional grocery store. However, I think that people can make small changes to their diet. For example, a family could choose to eat meat only 1 or 2 times a week and try to eat more vegetables and fruits. I do understand your point of it feeling limiting and an inconvenience at times.

  3. It’s an interesting point that you bring up about it costing more money sometimes. I was thinking about if it would even be possible for me to eat locally when I go home and I asked my mom about it. She told me there are farmers markets in my area, but they tend to be a little more expensive. I like to know where my food is coming from though, so I think it’s worth it. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to eat sustainably though.

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