Day 3

Day 3 has been rough. I have continued with my goal with not using the treadmill at Mitchell so today I decided to check out the bike trail in Granville which was really fun! But here is where my losses piled on. After my run, I had to pick up one of my prescriptions that I have been putting off getting for a while. I go into CVS and go to the pharmacy section and I don’t even realize that my pills will come in a baggie that I will have to throw out eventually. Kicking myself I continue through the store and my friend is checking out and gives me a plastic water bottle that she had just bought for me. Not wanting to be rude, I take it and sip on it knowing that I did not really need it. After my run, I was able to take a fast shower but I forgot to get a dinner but being in a rush, I had to run into Slayter and get some food that contributed to my trash intake. Lastly, I caught myself going into my snack bin and grabbing my favorite night snack which has a plastic wrapper that I have to throw out. Tomorrow, I am going to try to be better and not make so much trash.



  1. The bike path is definitely the best option in my opinion! I always run there and especially with the awesome weather. I try to avoid the treadmill and gym so nice job on that front!

  2. Sounds like day 3 was rough for a lot of people. Props to you for using the bike trail instead of the treadmill even though I am sure you did not enjoy how humid it was today. Hopefully you can get back on the right path and finish out the week strong.

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