Day 3

Day three was definitely better than day 2.  I restrained from eating from Slayter because usually go there for my meals. I wanted to avoid waste today so I chose to eat at Huffman which worked out really well due to the surplus of options. I have been trying to eat local foods as well as eliminate waste so Huffman is always the better option. Me and my roommate kept the lights off for almost the whole day which was beneficial to our initial goals. Also, because the weather has been so nice my and my roommate kept our air-conditioning off during the day. Overall, today was very successful and I hope this mentality continues throughout the week!


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  1. Credit to you for keeping your air conditioning off in the humidity and keeping your roommates involved I know my roommates are starting to get annoyed with me telling them that we need to turn off the lights. Keep up the good work!

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