Day 3 boy oh boy

Day three has been good. I have found that honestly I typically live in a relatively little impact way just going about day to day without having to think too much about it, as long as I don’t go to Slayter. I don’t really have a need to go off campus and take fast showers just because I can’t afford longer ones with my busy schedule. My biggest downfall is still those pesky tissues, and as I have noticed those handicap door buttons are dangerously easy to push. Now that my handkerchief is pretty gross, I am trying to decide whether doing a load of laundry for that vs using a couple tissues would be more damaging to the environment. I would assume tissues still cause more harm? If only it were easier to compare those sorts of things. Another thing I keep thinking about this week are the months I spent a couple years ago in Bolivia. Comparing my environmental impact there to my day to day here is definitely drastically different. But, I never felt like I was really missing anything. Like, I actually went into shock a little bit returning to the United States just because of how excessive the diversity of products are at the grocery store. Overall, loving having this week as an opportunity to reflect and think about what sorts of actions I want to take to live environmentally once I leave this Denison bubble.



  1. I have found myself contemplating what kinds of things will create worse impacts as well. I thought about buying a cookie, or one of the locally made and sourced treats that slayter sells, but they come in a package. Instead I got something from the bulk section, but it really made me think which impact do I want to make? Is it worse to consume something not local and waste all of the transportation energy, or create a piece of trash?

  2. The handicap door buttons are something I never really thought about before this post. It’s crazy how so many little things need electricity. I also understand your wondering if it is worse to use tissues or to do laundry for the environment. That can be pretty tricky.

  3. I haven’t thought about all of the energy that probably goes into running those self-opening doors. Some of them don’t even give you an option not to utilize the motor on them. I do feel that running a load of laundry does use up more energy than using a few tissues but I might be wrong. Anyways, Im glad that you already live a relatively environmentally sound lifestyle.

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