Day #3 and finding the grove

Today was a good day!!! I managed to not use paper towels or napkins all day long and kept my laptop use down to only 1 hour!!!! I did make a mistake today when I got a soy milk and a piece of carrot cake in slay that both came in packaging. But that was my only trash for the day so it wasn’t too bad.

I also almost messed up today when my glasses got smuggy. I have these disposable glasses cleaning wipes with rubbing alcohol on them to clean my lenses. I reached to grab one out of the box, but then thought better of it as I also have a little reusable cloth to clean them. Crisis averted!

I haven’t driven my car yet! This is actually kind of surprising to me because sometimes I use my car just to drive from North Quad to Huffman, but it has been surprisingly easy to just decide not to drive it. I’ve been walking a lot and keeping all my steps in.

I have also noticed that I have been eating local foods in the dining halls all along. I just haven’t been paying attention.

My goal for tomorrow is to get my shower down to 4 minutes (it was about 5 today).



  1. Nice work today. Glad to hear that you didn’t use any napkins today. I really use napkins a lot and now it is kind of a habit now. How to control me myself seems the biggest problem!!

  2. I feel like if I had a car on campus, while also living on north quad, it would be hard for me to go a day without using it. I know our campus is small, and it sounds bad, but having that extra convenience of shaving off 3 minutes to get to somewhere on A quad would be really nice. Also, your goal of taking a 4 minute shower tomorrow seems very achieveable.

  3. Loved seeing you while on my run– and the cows were crazy cute. Love how the great weather and this NI week is pushing us outside and giving us the chance to explore Granville a little more.

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