Day #3 No Impact Week

So day three has probably been my worst so far. I had a bad ankle injury in soccer practice this afternoon which had me taken to the emergency room. I can’t even imagine how much energy the hospital uses, so a visit there probably boosted my footprint tenfold. The x Ray machine being my primary cause for concern in terms of using energy. Not to mention the driving I had to do to reach the hospital in Columbus. Other than that, my day went smoothly and I’m continuing to meet most of my goals. Hopefully I can pick up tomorrow morning where I left off before practice.



  1. Sorry to hear about injury, but it is necessary to make those consumption as it is required to do so. Because there are no other ways to improve it right.

  2. I hope you get well soon! I honestly could not imagine doing no impact week right after my knee surgery….I used so much energy and wasted so much water just trying to do simple things that I sort of took for granted. But I could not imagine how much energy is used in a hospital alone, I am sure the x-ray uses so much!

  3. I am sorry to hear about your ankle, hope you are feeling better. I cannot even imagine how much energy hospitals use for a routine check-up, much less for a few x-rays. That is good to hear that everything else went well on the day, keep up the good work.

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