Day 3- Not a good day

Today was probably the worst day I have had so far this week as far as no impact goes. I started the day and took a pretty lengthy shower while I was still half asleep. I did not realize I had left my fan on all night since it was an oven in my room. My roommate does not like to open the window because he thinks that is how all the stink bugs in our room. It is tough to open the window when his bed is right next to it. Guess he cares more about his phobia of bugs than he does the environment. Anyways, I did not eat breakfast again today, so that made up for my shower, kind of. I kept the lights off for the whole morning and my roommate did not say one word about it, but when I came back to the room a few hours later, he had turned every single light on during the middle of the day. He even had his desk lamp on while the other lights in the room were on. I still take responsibility for this because it is my room as well. For lunch, I went into town and bought a bagel sandwich from Steamrollers. They gave me the bagel in a plastic bag inside another plastic bag. The only positive from the meal is that they only use local ingredients, so that made me feel a little bit better about my meal. At our game, I forgot to bring my water bottle to fill up, so I ended up using a few paper cups in order to keep hydrated. I almost had a heart attack after the game when they only had meat to eat and other plastic packaged snacks. I did not have a very good day, but hopefully I can finish out the week on a better note.



  1. So many paper cups go to waste at our games! I don’t think it is that hard to bring a water bottle, but some people forget I guess, or maybe they just do not care. And it sounds like your roommate needs to deal with a few bugs, because leaving the window closed and having a few fans run does not make much sense to me. I think the room cools off with the window open! Hopefully he understands.

  2. I definitely relate to the shower thing I am so bad about taking a fast shower especially after a practice or long day! Keep up the good work

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