Day 3 Tofu is Bomb

I woke up this morning feeling good because I brought my little container to get oatmeal form curtis. I ate this and they even had bananas which they hadn’t for awhile so I left feeling full and accomplished. One of my friends was once again graciously willing to walk to Huffman with me for lunch and we were able to have a nice walk over and catch up on our days. Since this project started I have been really trying to branch out and try new options in the dining hall. At lunch they had teriyaki tofu which I once would have steered clear of but I tried it and it was actually very good! I used to be kind of freaked out by tofu, but I have realized that there really is no reason to be because it is always very consistent so there is no chance of finding weird chewy or questionable pieces in it like there often is with meat. I definitely will continue this course of trying to eat the local things as well as the vegetarian options that they provide in the halls. I am surprised that I really have not missed eating meat really at all this week. There have been plenty of other options that I have taken advantage of to keep full. I am glad that this project has successfully gotten me to make healthier and more conscious options to feed my body.

On the downside, today was a bad day for my nearly empty trash bag from the past two days. I received the packages that I had ordered last week in the mail. It is completely ridiculous how much packaging comes with these things. I also realized that I didn’t actually need any of the things I ordered. One of the things was a birthday gift for a friend, but I easily could have gone into granville to get her something that had less packaging and was maybe even sourced locally. I tend to purchase a lot of clothing and stuff that I realize I don’t actually need, but I really enjoy buying clothes and switching up my style. I realize that I can have a lower impact without giving up this part of my life, but maybe rather trying to limit the amount of new clothing I buy and try to go to second hand stores instead. I think I will probably be able to find more unique items and even save money if I take up this as a habit instead of online shopping. While this still is unnecessary consumption I do think it would have a much lower environmental impact and I plan to try and find nearby second hand stores to check them out in the future.



  1. Online shopping must cause a lot of waste like the packaging and paper receipt. As the energy consumption that the business used was so high and sometimes what you bought might not be necessary for your life, you probably can choose to reuse some of your stuff and buy things from local market.

  2. I got my package today too. Luckily it was all paper and cardboard so I was able to recycle most of it. I have been donating an item of clothing a day to control the size of my closet. I plan to DIY or thrift all of the clothes I buy this summer. I’m really looking forward to vintage jewelry.

  3. I had the tofu at Huffman also and it was pretty good! Yeah, I have been going on recently also wanting to buy some new sandals/causal shoes for the Summer, which I don’t need. I am looking to going to more thrift stores, eBay, and Craig’s list this Summer if I need some more stuff but don’t want to buy new products. Yeah, I realize how many things I ordered the first semester that I only used once or twice. I’m going to try not to buy anything new this Summer.

  4. You’re right, ordering stuff online is always so tempting and convenient. I am excited though to try buying more things second hand this summer though. Also I agree, tofu is wonderful. However I find that the dining halls can sometimes ruin it a little, so a lot of my vegetarian friends tend to steer clear.

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