Day 3- Wednesday

Not having any lights in the room for the entire week is kind of hard, but it hasn’t been too bad. In fact, it’s been kind of fun to do. My roommate is being a good sport and hasn’t used the lights once either. My no impact week hasn’t been too hard, in general, I don’t tend to make too much trash. Not eating slayter or the nest has been hard but has saved me so much declining. Lunch wasn’t too bad today, I tried to eat a little bit healthier, which I was able to do. I’m doing work outside again to avoid using artificial lighting. One of my biggest weaknesses is going to the library where there is artificial lighting and the fact that I charge my computer at least once a day. My friends always mock me about the “weird” things I’m doing or avoiding throughout the week. However, they too are becoming more aware of the small actions that have a big impact on the environment and are trying to make these changes in their daily lives. I just messed up and I am so mad about it! I was with my friends and they were handing out gum and a quickly grabbed a piece. I forgot that I have to throw out the gum and wrapper. That makes four pieces of trash this week so far:(



  1. Good job Matt! Sounds like you’re making really good progress for the week. I’m doing pretty well in making no trash myself but can also have lapses where I don’t realize until after the fact. I’m also trying to get my freinds on the no impact track but they have just been laughing it off so far. Hopefully I can persuade them by the end of the week.

  2. My friends started to notice the things I couldn’t do either. It usually starts with them asking me to join in some quotidian activity. It’s actually funny how shocked they are when I tell them I’m not creating any waste and they realize they’re creating trash.

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