Day Three!

Today started out pretty decent, but then I remembered I had to give a presentation that required me to look nice. And while I usually try to stay away from my hair dryer, I used my curling iron, but I managed to use natural light for my lighting, so that gives me some sort of brownie points. For my breakfast and lunch I had some leftover fruit from home in a reusable container, so I did not waste as much as I would have if I bought the fruit in the plastic containers; even though they say they are compostable I believe. Most of my classes had all of the lights on which drove me crazy because we really do not need them all on, natural light is the best! I usually keep trying to eat locally and the more organic products, but everything seems to come in cardboard or plastic, but I somewhat feel a little better being able to recycle. Tomorrow is going to be my difficult day as the softball team travels to Thomas More in Kentucky, so A LOT of driving but that just means I will be outside enjoying the perfect weather for majority of the day. But so far so good, I can’t complain! 🙂



  1. I feel the same way. The sunlight these days were so good. It is so comfortable staying outside that I never experience a lot before. And also the hair dryer I really didn’t use and just wait for it dry by using a towel. It makes me feel my hair is better than I use the hair dryer. 🙂

  2. I definitely agree on how frustrating having the lights on in your classes is but nice job using reusable containers! I think that is one of the hardest things about this project is going to class and the library etc where you can’t necessarily control the waste being created. Nice job though, keep up the good work!

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