The second day……
a disaster happened……
I got my period……

I never thought how much trash I produced every time I got the period. It was so much!!!!!!
I don’t know what to do with that and how I can avoid the trash… It’s really a pain in the butt.

And about the paper tissue issue, I avoid a lot of using in the dorm. But when I had my art class, it requires a lot of cleaning and the paper tissue is the only choice. I tried to use little each time and make great use of that small piece. But I could hear people pushing the bottom and got a large paper only for a small spot. And they just waste it. I feel that I will embarrass them if I talk to them. I really don’t know what to do. Should I say something????

I did pretty well in eating locally and cook in my dorm. As well as, I bought a cup in the bookstore!!
And I spent a lot of time in the classroom today and all the lights were on and air conditioners too.
The whole day makes me feel guilty.


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