all good but the waste

Day 4 was pretty good. I literally spent most of it outside, which, in my book, is pretty awesome. I just came in to the house, because we still get a little sunlight until a little past 8pm. All day I kept thinking of ways I wanted to improve on my actions. So, as I was craving Alfies for lunch, I realized I still had left over food I could eat at the house that was local and wouldn’t create trash. Then I thought I would really aim for no waste at all today. So I was careful to have my napkin with me all day and not use any paper towels as I prepared my lunch and dinner.

I made an egg strata for dinner, because I’m down to only local eggs, greens, mushrooms, bread and cheese. These things are all very delicious; however, eating them regularly becomes tedious and boring. This is one thing that can be hard about eating local during certain parts of the year. We are kind of limited to the same types of produce this time of year. So, while I was pretty proud about including the remainder of my local food in one recipe, we ultimately decided to save it for tomorrow (it wasn’t going to be ready until past 8pm anyway because everything takes longer during NI week), meaning we had to create alternative dinner plans.

I figured if we went to a local restaurant in town, it was kind of eating local, and if I took my own napkin, I would have zero waste. Unfortunately, a storm was about to pass overhead, and since we were walking, we rushed out of the house to get to the restaurant before the deluge. It wasn’t until I sat at the table that I realized I left my napkin….doh!!!! Still, I decided I would just eat carefully and not use the paper napkins at the table. I made it all the way through dinner without incident. But as we were about to pay, I reached over the table to grab something and hit my (local) drink. It spilled (of course!) and I had to use the freakin napkin!!!!! What a waste. 

Trying not to be too disappointed in myself- especially since I did the campus clean up. Still, it can be frustrating to not meet your goals.