Day 3

Luckily, I fulfil all the goals that I made last week. I haven’t eaten at the slaytor and I have finished all the meal that I get in the Curtis dining hall. The only thing that I didn’t do well might be the phone charging. In the early morning when I get up, I put my phone on charge in the dorm and expect that I will come back at noon and unplug it but I forget. Although the phone was shut down and cause no electricity waste, it might be an indicator that I need to take care of all the electronic stuff and unplug them on time.



  1. I find that leaving things plugged in is really hard for me as well. On thing that has helped me is having all of my electronics on a strip plug so I can just unplug one thing at the end of the night! Great job on avoiding Slayter – it has been my downfall.

  2. That is a great idea to unplug. But really good job on avoiding Slayter and eating all of your food. Have you found this difficult at all? Do you think you could keep it up after No Impact Week? Keep up the good work!

  3. It sounds like other than your electricity waste, you had a pretty successful day even though the 3rd day is sometimes one of the hardest days! congrats on that. I hope you will be able to stick to your goals for the rest of the week.

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