Day #3-Completed

Today was pretty solid. For starters, I did not consume any meats at all today and I’m happy to say that majority of the food I ate was locally grown and organic. Again, I avoided Slayter so I wouldn’t produce any trash, sadly I did use a piece of a paper towel to dry my hands.  I kept my phone in my bag for majority of the day and made various efforts to keep the lights off no matter what room I was in. My computer is at the lowest possible setting for brightness and I am continuing to take reasonably fast showers. I did face one dilemma when the Bandersnatch was giving away free milkshakes to the first 30 people in my hall. The people at the snatch were going to give me a paper cup so I got out of line and grabbed a reusable plastic cup for them to use instead. So, over all a solid day of not consuming and suing a lot.

Something I did notice today that made me feel a little weird about what we had discussed in question one about “ho-hum” was the joy of just walking from Barney to East quad by myself and without my phone. It was an absolutely beautiful day and it really was a very relaxing walk, I focused on the scenery and what was going on around me rather than the busy work I face ahead. I notice that when I run I sometimes am so focused finishing my run that I forget about the scenery around me. I can sometimes run on awesome scenic routes and miss everything around me due to the fact that I am hyper focused on getting the run over with, I have to take more time to appreciate what I have around me.



  1. The fact that you were able to tie in the ho-hum aspect is so inspiring to me. Taking the moment to reflect on yourself, nature around you, the people, really makes a difference. I find that I am much more able to think about what I’m doing, and just be more reflective in general. So GREAT.

  2. Sounds like you had a pretty cool day…and you were able to implement some less impactful behaviors, like the reusable cup! I think it is awesome that you stopped to think about the type of cup they were using and did something different. Remember that last quote I read in class…”do we ever just stop to question our actions”….and you did! Keep up the good work. Only 2 days to go!

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