Day 4

Day 4 has been my best day yet.  Since it was a great day I was outside the majority of the day enjoying the sun and kicking it was some buddies.  We put a slip-and-slide in back of one of the fraternities.  The bad part about that is the water use, but we only had it on when the slide dried out.  So that took up a good portion of my day.  However, I was pretty hungry after all my outdoor activities, and unfortunately decided to follow the crowd to Slayter…  There I ate a spinach wrap with roast beef lettuce tomato and cheese.  I told the lady making not to put it in one of those white container and to just give it to me.  After, looking at me with a look of bafflement she gave it to me (It wasn’t just her giving me the looks though).  The rest of my day was spent in the library in a room with windows so I didn’t have to turn the lights on.  Day 4 in the books.



  1. Kicking it with your friends outside is a great way to enjoy your day. Too bad you couldn’t have found some type of natural and compostable lube type material to use for your waterslide instead. At least you gave the grass a nice refreshing drink!

  2. Way to go with not using a white container in Slay! I admire you’re ability to not care about what the people around you would think. Also that slip n slide sounds very fun, and it’s great you guys were conservative with the water use.

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